Lauren Gilmore

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Lauren Gilmore is an award-winning digital communications strategist with expertise in brand management, digital marketing, and public relations. As founder of PR & Prose, she specializes in communications for tech startups and the broader ecosystem that supports them.

Lauren started her career as a nonprofit marketing and fundraising specialist, heading all aspects of advocacy, communications, and media relations efforts to support donor and partnership development. With over a decade of experience in branding, media, and interpersonal communication development, she has cultivated a unique set of skills in designing and executing communication and brand strategies for nonprofits, startups, and corporations.

Before founding PR & Prose, Lauren was Commissioning Editor for The Next Web, where she led multiple user-centric initiatives for clients, including ABN AMRO, Philips, Netflix, and Adobe. She has worked with and interviewed a roster of brands, including startups (Testlio, Adyen, Decrypt, and Hologram) and personalities (Robert Scoble, Neil Patel, and Timothy Ferriss).