Hyperfocal announces Vince Trovato joins the company as Managing Director, Campaign Advisory.
Prior to joining Hyperfocal, Vince served as a Senior Advisor on International Energy Issues in the Trump Administration, Trovato successfully pursued business opportunities around Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. First, as a Resident Program Officer with the International Republican Institute, and later as an independent businessman working in the political and energy sectors and building on his years of political and policy work in the US.  Trovato’s record on the political side includes serving as the State Director of the Trump campaign’s efforts in Wisconsin, culminating in the 2016 election and turning the state red for the first time since Ronald Reagan’s victory in 1984.
His later work in the Trump Administration gave Trovato an acute knowledge base of energy markets and opportunities around the world where he directed the Department’s Energy Innovation Office and helped to set up the newly created Market Development Office, an initiative designed to assist U.S. energy companies operating abroad.
Under the Trump Administration’s “all-of-the-above” Energy Dominance Strategy, he was directly responsible for assisting US Energy companies secure financing for multi-million and multi-billion dollar projects from the Export Import Bank of the United States, the DFC, regional banks, and private sector financial institutions. With a geopolitically focused approach, and a mandate to engage countries around the world, Trovato assisted in negotiations to enhance US relationships across the energy spectrum from green technology to LNG to oil and gas to nuclear to clean coal. Trovato’s efforts helped to make the US a net-energy exporter for the first time in nearly 50 years.
Trovato has worked with companies of all subjects and size, successfully guiding and advising with a deep knowledge and an aggressive motivation to further develop meaningful trade relationships internationally. Now, reentering the private sector following the successful establishment of the US on the world’s energy export stage, he welcomes the opportunity to continue to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the world’s energy markets on behalf of US energy companies operating around the world.

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